U.S. Poverty Hits 50 Year High! ATL School Test Cheating! EU Record High Joblessness!

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My commentary on a massive test cheating scandal in Atlanta’s school system, an attempt by 6 officials to rig a Mayoral race, a U.S. senator apologizing for …
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  • Blackjake Crull

    Ok reality is europes jobs sent to china and india and now china is wanting more so now corporations are going to Africa and using USA military and cia to prop up leaders and groups they can control because labor in Africa is 2000.00 a year aprox. And now that we are sold out on factoty jobs and bankers they want to ban guns buy using states first to start pilot bans to go in stages to add rulres taxes fees insurance bullet tax and make it have as much red tape and if you travel states bun guns.

  • matt johnson

    I wonder if in the future people will be able to download biological computers off a weirder version of the Internet like the matrix directly into your brain. You can instantly learn Kung fu then destroy the cancer cells in your body. Just stay off the porn sites cause you might catch a. Biotech STD on steroids lol

  • Monsanto and Corporate cronyism , working hand in hand with our so called representatives is alive and well . An absolute disgrace .

  • TheUnclePatrick

    LOL I swear we should hang out, I hate people too. LOL I only hang out with a few select friends. The best things in my life are my wife and child, so at least we have family.

  • “and it come ways” – and in some ways I

    My fingers have a mind of their own. LoL.

  • I have dealt with this a long time. I’m not homicidal or suicidal. Just don’t care much for people. I was isolated for a good portion of my childhood, and was physically, mentally, and sexually abused when I wasn’t. I can go out and fake it, pretend I like being part of a social group. But outside of my wife and children I really detest being in the company of others and it come ways lack the social skills, have had the police called on me over minor disagreements. Modern day hermit.

  • I liked that you mentioned the biological computer tech. Lots of big cures coming around the pike. I hope they are profitable enough that the pharmacological companies will actually produce them.

    Some, like the gold/radio wave treatment for cancer will be economical regardless.

  • TheUnclePatrick

    Hey, if you ever wanted to talk about stuff, I am a good listener. Everyone has anxiety and gets depressed. It’s so good your not on psychotropics drugs, in my family we do stuff the hard way, talk about your problems. It’s so much easier to just take a pill, until it’s time to come off them. I wish you well.

  • Nikforever2012

    Just imagine what those who are poor could have been if they were not in that situation. Its such a waste of human potential! Just like all those who have lost there life’s or minds or have killed themselves fighting in these bullshit wars!! Those soldiers could have done wonderful things as well instead of serving those nuts in the military industrial complex! It’s all nothing but wasted human potential and life’s. These times are filled with tragedy. DEMCAD are there many others like you?

  • Reg, thanks for co-Hosting Wide Awake News the other night. Appreciated hearing you on !

  • Christopher Triplet

    Go get a windscreen for your camera. Your videos are becoming unwatchable when your outside.

  • U.S. Poverty Hits 50 Year High since the 1960’s ……man that is so sad

  • barefootNwhiskered

    Scientific advances that enable irresponsible living might disable biological evolution.

  • Mosiah Garvey

    Peasantry and feudalism IS the Normal nature of mankind. Its just that folks in America are finally realizing it. The world is the wealthy’s playground, everybody serves the. Case in point, Larry Ellison CEO billionaire of Oracle Owns 98% of the Hawaii Island of Lanai AND its airline. 3200 people live there.

  • Christopher Hamel

    Thanks for bringing up Monstanto… the Democrats like to play like they’re not for big business, but both sides (D & R) are completely rolling over for this company. They have way too much power.

  • There was a short story I read, and the people had biological computer implants. The size and numbers of their breasts denoted memory capcity and processing capability. Bio-computers would be very interesting, and change the definition of beauty.

  • Great video,keep up the good work…

  • NOTE : Atlanta, Georgia is a great city, do not let headlines fool you. I love Georgia !

  • DEMCAD, please cover the new CT gun laws that have been passed. We’re about to become the least gun-friendly state in the US.

  • Not yet, but I’ll look into it.

  • People get the politicians they elect. So shame on who ?

  • ■THE PROGRESSIVES’ TEN COMMANDMENTS: Progs are atheists or pagans. They worship what they create with their own hands. They only play lip service to God when they want to trick Christians into supporting some anti-Christian public policy.

    Christians Stand by.. much is about to happen

  • The survey, which was conducted by Public Policy Polling, asked a sample of American voters about a number of conspiracy theories, phrasing the questions in eye-catching language that will have the country’s educators banging their heads on their desks. The study revealed that 13% of respondents thought Obama was “the antichrist”, while another 13% were “not sure” — and so were at least appeared to be open to the possibility that he might be”
    He’s one of the 10 kings to come

  • U.S. poverty at 50yr high, I’m no surprised, just disappointed. As a substitute teacher, I find the Atl. school scandal an utter disgrace. The teachers/administrators involved need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Unfortunately, Atlanta isn’t the only place where this is happening. I recommend parents put their kids in a charter school. The new Connecticut gun is not going to effect responsible gun owners.

  • hariszukic89

    Demcad why are you not reporting about the North Korean nuclear attack threat to amerika. I think this is more important then the economy at the time!

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